Whenever intercourse goes incorrect – Sexual wellness information

Whenever intercourse goes incorrect – Sexual wellness information

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Information for teenagers on the best place getting assistance when you have had non-safe sex.

Making love without security is high-risk. You are risking maternity, getting a intimately transmitted illness (sti), including HIV, and possibly stress.

Unsafe sex is any intercourse without contraception or a condom.

You may have forgotten to utilize contraception, or it would likely maybe not been employed by. Often a condom may divide or slip down while having sex.

This nevertheless counts as unsafe sex, and you also’re susceptible to STIs and maternity.

Constantly hang on towards the foot of the condom if the penis is taken away. This can stop the condom slipping down and dripping semen.

Ladies who have intercourse with ladies should also learn about safer sex since they can pass infections on to one another.

Unprotected sex and infections

There are several STIs, and also you just have actually to own intercourse with somebody as soon as, or have oral intercourse as soon as, to get a number of STIs.

You cannot inform by taking a look at some body whether or perhaps not they will have an STI.

The easiest way to avoid getting an STI is to utilize a condom each time you have sexual intercourse.

Constantly purchase condoms which have the CE mark or BSI kite mark in the packet because this means they’ve been tested to high security requirements.

Obtaining a check-up

Try using a check-up you have any unusual symptoms around your genitals (vagina or penis), such as if you have had unprotected sex and:

  • discomfort once you pee
  • irritation
  • an unusual or discharge that is smelly
  • sores
  • unexplained bleeding

Many people do not notice any observeable symptoms whenever an STI is had by them. (more…)

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