That is the target temperature for this cut of beef. This solves the problem of older ovens that may not insulate it’s heat as well, and also the new ovens that begin the cooling process as soon as the oven is turned off. I cut skits across the fat cap just deep enough to push a chunk of garlic in, not a whole Clove , I just peeled and cut up the garlic in pieces. I hope the prime rib turned out great for you. Please come back and let us know how it all turned out – I appreciate all kinds of feedback here. Roast the prime rib at 500 degrees F for 30 minutes. I’ve never looked back. I did have the butcher cut the roast into 2 heavier 3 bone roasts (14lb total) but as the roasts are cut into smaller 7lb roasts, I will use that weight for my math (7lbs x 6min @ 500). Our goal was to let it sit for 2 hours or until the centermost probe temperature reached 50°F (10°C), whichever time was less. Chef Alli is a home-grown Kansas girl on a mission to strengthen families through enabling kitchen confidence, educating the family cook, and encouraging better food relationships. Do I need fancy tools to successfully cook prime rib? Easy way to cook prime rib in the oven! Remember. rib eye roast multiplied x 6 minutes = 36 minutes in the oven at 500 degrees F. Take the weight of your prime rib and multiply it x 7 minutes. If you go the route of choice prime rib from the grocery store, it will most likely be boneless, though not always. Nonetheless, it was amazing and I’ll definitely be using this recipe again! During this time at 170 degrees F., your prime rib roast will automatically be resting and relaxing over the remaining 2 hour period. The 170 over cooked our meat. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees F. Put the butter, horseradish, peppercorns and 2 tablespoons salt in a medium bowl and stir until I turned the temperature down to 450 degrees F. and that did help. Sincerely, Thank you so much for letting me know about your prime rib experience using this recipe and cooking method. Sincerely, There’s always THAT ONE, as we discussed above. Your comment made my heart sing! Each rib of a bone-in rib eye roast typically boasts up to 2 lbs. When you are ready to cook the prime rib roast, pre-heat the oven to 500 degrees F., placing your oven rack into the lower third of the oven. The meat was only 55 degrees when I turned the oven off (which scared me a bit), but it got to 135 before the 3 hour mark!! Add 2-3 tbsp. Merry Christmas🎄, Hi Diane – I’m so thrilled to hear this!!! An easy rule of thumb is there will be around 2 servings for every pound of boneless prime rib meat. When cooking, there are so many things to factor in! Typically, when cooking meat, you’d be correct in that it needs to rest following the cooking process. I do have a question…can I put potatoes in the oven with the Prime Rib or will the dry out or burn? Put large one in a little longer than smaller roast. This makes my heart sing! Sincerely, It sounds like you mix the spices and press them into the meet, but do you also add the Packet mixed with water/or in my case the concentrate and rub that all on? Chef Alli, Makes perfect sense and we made it just like you just described, and are making it again tomorrow! What are good side dishes to serve along side prime rib at my dinner?Â, bones cut off and tied back on by the butcher, approx. Hi Lori – Grass is for Funk, Grain is for Fat. When you’re cooking prime rib, this method is ultra-easy and pretty much fool proof; I love how it allows for roasting and resting of the beef at the same time within this one cooking method. If you do try it in your roaster, I’d sure love to hear how it turns out!! I’d use the roast setting that’s available on your oven. Chef Alli. Bought a 16 pound bone-in roast in Krovac air tight packaging, cut it in between bones to make two roasts on 12/23. When cooking choice prime rib, opt to under cook it since there is less of the marbling in the meat.  You can always cook a prime rib more (longer) but once it’s overcooked, you cant’ go back! I’m looking forward to making this easy, fancy dinner. Hi Ralph – I’m not sure why that would happen with this recipe as I’ve never experienced that in all the years I’ve made prime rib this way. YES! It might sound like I’m kidding here, but these are the tools you’ll need to MAKE SURE everybody knows you mean business: no opening of the oven door during the cooking process! Great question. 😉 Chef, this is my second time making this fabulous dish!so easy and so delicious! I followed the recipe to a T, had an 8 1/2 lb 4 bone rib roast and it came out perfectly!! I have a bad habit about opening my oven door without even thinking, so I can check what I’m cooking. I made the Au Jus from your recipe and added the drippings from the prime rib pan to it and it was wonderful. You want the bones! How much bone in prime rib do I need per person? Call Us: 785.221.0466, Please leave a comment below and follow me on. Hi Ray – Granulated onion is just a little stronger than onion powder and sometimes you won’t find it at the grocer. Chef Alli. The roast was bloody rare. When cooking prime rib to serve several people, is it better to cook one very large prime rib roast or two smaller rib roasts instead? When going the route of a bone-in rib eye roast for prime rib, it’s also recommended that you never buy a roast with less than 3 ribs. Let’s Keep Cookin’! I’ve tried this method. Hi Katie, Chef Alli. Yep, it sure does! Chef Alli, Hi! Chef Alli – I made this exactly as written for a 3 bone prime rib for Christmas this year after watching your Thursday FB demo. Place the water into a skillet and bring to a boil; reduce the heat to low, then add the bouillon concentrate, as well as the soy sauce, and garlic, whisking until well blended. Wonderful news – I know cooking a prime rib can be rather scary but I’m so glad you conquered. The biggest challenge is organizing the side dishes since your oven is tied up. Yes! Since you are cutting the roast in half to make 2 smaller roasts, you will adjust the time to half of the total original weight. Sincerely, I think you were very smart to roast 2 smaller roasts in stead of one giant one – your math sounds just right, too. Hi Laura – I’ve had so many people reach out to say they’ve had great success with the recipe and that they really enjoyed their prime rib. Can’t wait to try! Chef Alli. Let him know what you’re trying to accomplish, how many people you’re serving, and that you’re nervous about the whole prime-rib process, if that’s the case. **Please note: keep the pan of simmering broth for cooking the slices of prime rib separate from the pan of au jus for serving the prime rib.Â, beef, holiday, how to make a prime rib roast, prime rib, prime rib recipe tasty, rib eye roast, slow roasted prime rib recipe, standing rib roast. Sincerely, Stick this somewhere safe because you are definitely going to need to refer to it when you get ready to prepare your prime rib since you’ll be cooking it a certain amount of time per pound. Powered by Brandeploy Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do you help you. I wanted to include a pic but it won’t let me attach one! To clarify, this would be using 5 lbs. Season the … I did your spice rub, it was great!! I had to go to that recipe just now to be certain! Make sure your oven is in good shape and has good insulation. Boneless prime rib cooks more quickly than a bone-in prime rib, plus they are much easier to slice, as well. Hi Marge – Trust me. In the directions it says after turning down the temp, keep it in the oven at 170 for 2 hours. Exact weight of roast was verified. For this method of cooking prime rib to successful, the prime rib roast must not be ice-cold when beginning the cooking process.  Please refer to the specific recipe directions below to learn more.Â. I keep a skillet of simmering beef broth on my stove top for this very reason. Thanks for letting me know about your success with this recipe and technique. Everyone loved it! Hi Alli, Talk soon, I haven’t adjust my recipe or post yet, but am planning to do so today or tomorrow. Chef Alli, Hi Alli, You would be calculating the time for one rib roast since they are separate. Chef Alli. Glad you asked this question. Is it best to use gas or electric oven for your method of cooking prime rib? Hi Sarah – However, if you ever do try it, can you let me know the outcome? Sincerely, Chef Alli, She believes with her whole heart that time spent with our loved ones and our overall quality of life is greatly enhanced by nutritious food made at home with simple, wholesome ingredients. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help with your potato question. Let the rib roast rest on the counter to remove the chill from the roast. Chef Alli. Hi Rita – I prefer to use an instant-read thermometer that is just inserted to quickly take the temperature of the center of the meat and removed once you know the internal temperature. I suggest a more consistent temp. Our little family of three is getting together today. I sure remember the first time I used this method to cook a prime rib, I was really apprehensive about it. A 19# prime rib is for sure a monster! This prime rib recipe will work no matter what size roast you’re using. Cut the prime rib in thick slices and place it onto dinner plates. 05 of 07. Using big forks, lift the prime rib roast from the rib rack and the roasting pan, placing it onto a large cutting board. When you are finished with the roasting period (at the 500 degrees) based on the weight calculation (6 or 7 minutes per lb. Please let me know. Prime Rib Recipe Ingredients. 4-5 hours prior to cooking the prime rib roast, remove it from refrigeration; unwrap the roast from all packaging. When the oven is turned off it immediately starts to cool down. Thank you for your email. S. Just wondering if I need to let the prime rib rest out of the oven after it reaches its desired temperature and if so for how long? The length of time you decide to cook your prime rib depends on how rare you want your meat. Beauty rest at room temperature allows those juices and fats to move themselves from the center of the prime rib roast to the outer areas of the roast, right where they need to be. I did the au jus, it’s excellent! Since you are using a boneless rib roast, you likely will not need to cook it as long. If you don't own a roasting pan, you can also use a very large cast iron skillet, depending on the size of your roast. You can always cooking it a little more, if needed, but if it winds up over-cooked you can go back. Thank you for the recipe!! But please don’t ever skip the creamy horseradish sauce – this is just essential to prime rib! Live from MHK Meats – Get to Know Your Butcher! 🙂 Preheat oven to 375 degrees. We sure do love it. The au jus was so tasty as well. What do you think? I’ve had so many positive responses to it – it just thrills my heart! How come?Â, How long should I cook my prime rib when using the method you recommend in this post?Â. Again, I’ve not ever tried this so I can’t speak on this for sure. Spread the butter mixture evenly over the ribeye roast. Chef Alli. This was my first prime rib and it turned out amazing!!! Please let me know if you’ve got more questions – I’m always happy to help as I want you (and everyone else) to be successful in the kitchen! In the text prior to the actual recipe, you mention that you use seasoned salt, granulated onion and granulated garlic to season the meat. I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with your prime rib. Serve at once. (As an example, a prime rib roast that weighs 10 lbs. P.S. In the.Reheating the prime rib in a microwave/steamer This process will need the ‘au jus’ or the curry/broth with which the prime rib comes. However, my family prefers it without the peppercorns as they don’t enjoy the texture. depending on whether you want medium-rare or medium), turn your oven to 170 degrees (or the lowest setting your oven offers) and let the prime rib cook from residual heat, rest, and relax during the final 2 hour period. Hi Marcy – When the timer sounds, immediately turn your oven temperature down to the lowest setting, which for most ovens is 170 degrees F. NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR! I have your email here and I will get back to you when I learn more. The golden rule of cooking any meat, is to make sure your meat is at room temperature and is not cold from the refrigerator. What oven setting is best to use, roast or bake? I’ve had tons of comments from all kinds of people who loved it and were successful with this recipe. Whenever you’re in a position to feed a group of people, whether that’s Christmas dinner or a special Sunday family gathering, this prime rib recipe will become your go-to method. Making tender and juicy perfect prime rib in the oven is completely easy and doable. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright 2014 | By accessing this site, you agree to our Terms and conditions. Holy Cow!! Sign Up Here To Receive More Great Recipes. The KEY to making sure this no-peek closed-oven-door method works is to. For a prime rib that size, I’d be sure to let him set out at room temperature for at least 4-5 hours. I hope this helps to answer you question – if not, please let me know! Thank you!! Making this recipe for your smaller group this year is a super smart way to get one under your belt and feel successful right out of the gate with prime rib. … and so easy!! Your butcher can help you understand this situation more fully, but just know they are all one and the same roast. You can GET THAT RECIPE HERE and watch the video at Chef Alli’s Facebook […], Trying this right now! Roast was on the counter for 6 hours before going in the oven. Hi Linda – Or, you can even turn a rimmed baking sheet into a roasting pan, if needed. Chef Alli. These are the ingredients that you’ll season the exterior of your standing rib roast with.  This is what makes the exterior nice and flavorful as you roast it in the oven, then enjoy for dinner. I’ve been testing this exact thing and have come up with a solution. However, when it comes time to cook the roast, don't just follow your nose or rely on time alone to judge when the meat is cooked properly. So glad you enjoyed the prime rib recipe. Traditional prime roast has always been served with an au jus that is typically drizzled over an individual slab of prime rib, accompanied with a dollop of horseradish sauce on the side. For a bone-in prime rib, figure two servings per rib, while a boneless roast will yield two servings per pound. Hello and Merry Christmas 2020. If you’re cooking a choice prime rib that’s boneless, know going into it that it will cook much more quickly than a bone-in prime rib.  And, since the choice cut of prime rib has less marbling, this will also contribute to how quickly the roast cooks, as well. If a prime rib wasn’t so expensive, I’d sure offer to test this for you…. I’m glad you revised to leaving the oven on low, although I’ve used your shut the oven off method and that worked perfectly too! Adequate beauty rest ensures that your prime rib roast can cook much more evenly and consistently, providing a far better eating experience later. Letting the roast sit naked in the fridge overnight also helps ensure the prime rib roast can get that good exterior crust, too. Hi Shannon – Nope! It was a success. Sincerely, NightAndDayImages / Getty Images The general rule is to round up your poundage. for a longer time. Please let me know how it turned out for you. Let roast rest for 60 minutes. Sweet! She makes twice-baked potatoes ahead of time and then slips them into her slow cooker on warm to hold until the prime rib is ready. Chef I Hope you have a solution for us. If you’ve asked your butcher for a standing rib roast that’s had the bones removed and then tied back on, cut the strings that hold the bones to the roast while it’s still in the roasting pan. Chef Alli, Do you insert a thermometer during the cook, Hi Brian – I love your suggestion of the garlic and I’m definitely going to try that when I do my next prime rib. Can it be done in a roaster instead of the oven? Sincerely, Happy New Year, 12 Ways an Instant Pot Saves Time in the Kitchen, The Top 6 Reasons Your Instant Pot Won’t Pressurize…..and What To Do About ItÂ. To adjust for this, I’ve updated my recipe instructions. The primary difference in a PRIME prime rib (what you would typically purchase from a good butcher shop) and a CHOICE prime rib (what you’ll typically find at your local grocer) is basically this:  the amount of marbling within the roast. I’m going to try it tomorrow! Like most roasts, there is a little work involved in getting your roast ready for the grill. Chef Alli, My first prime rib and this is our 10th anniversary. Sincerely, This is such a great question and I’m glad you asked. Chef Alli, Hi Jacqueline – Spread 1 stick of butter, insert whole garlic bulbs, chopped fresh rosemary and additional sea salt and black pepper. I hope that’s right 🙂, Hi Minta – I hope this prime method of cooking was successful for you. Mine is an 8.79 lb boneless. The beauty rest part is always important when cooking any kind of meat and I’m thankful you brought this up. Know going into the purchase of a prime rib that there many names for it; you’ll see rib roast, ribeye roast, standing roast, eye of rib roast, etc. In researching this problem and talking to several others who had this same issue, I updated my recipe. Sincerely, 8-10 lbs., room temperature, may add some peppercorns to the mix, as well, if desired, Note: this is the refrigerated fresh-grated horseradish, not the creamy-style found in the condiment section of the grocer, Better Than Bouillon Concentrate, Beef Flavor (or use beef bouillon cubes), kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste. Everybody has a preference for their favorite side dishes since they are often traditional and what your family expects for a holiday meal. It has made us the perfect prime rib every single, time that we’ve made it, helping us create a holiday tradition that makes special memories for our family and guests. Love the Little Apple! You will need an instant-read meat thermometer to determine the internal temperature of the prime rib once you remove it from the oven. Most folks definitely feel that prime rib is should be served medium rare for the best dining experience. And What’s so Great About Prime Rib, Anyway? I think your situation is the perfect one for starting out with the process of making prime rib! Knowing this, I use both signage AND duct tape so I absolutely can’t open that oven door during the cooking process! Just to clarify…I’m roasting a total of 10# of prime rib. The First 4 Things to Cook in Your Instant Pot… in Order! Preheat your oven to 500 F. Place the prime rib on the middle rack and roast for exactly the number of minutes determined by the formula above, then turn the oven off. Love it that you added the prime rib drippings to the au jus – so smart. I’ve had lots of great comments and emails regarding success with this prime rib recipe and I’m planning for it to be the same for YOU! ... minutes for medium rare. Yowza. Hi Shane – At this point, your roast will still be somewhat chilled, but it will not be ICE COLD when you begin the roasting process – this is EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. If you’re investing in this “prime” cut of beef, then you want to make sure you’re using the best grade of rib eye roast!A good butcher shop will have a butcher (or two) that will be knowledgeable, answering any questions you may have about pricing, how much you need per person, cooking, etc. Hi Mel – This is a great question and I’ll make that notation on the recipe in case others are wondering, too….and it’s likely they are! Fail proof medium rare prime rib. By using this recipe (below), the prime rib roast gets it’s beauty rest during the time that you turn the oven down from 500 degrees F. to the lowest temperature setting available, typically 170 degrees F. for most ovens. And it cannot be changed. Just worried may be to liquidy or I’m not understanding? is a free cooking website. Oven temperature was fine. Sincerely, I did find a little bottle of au jour concentrate to use. Let prime rib rest to room temperature, approximately 1-2 hours. Thanks for pointing this out so it can be part of the comments on this recipe post – I sure appreciate it. Chef Alli, If the bones are still intact ,can I still use the time you suggested, Hi Vicki – I so apologize that I didn’t see your question sooner! I’d appreciate a comment and a rating if you would be so kind. Chef Alli. Please let me know – you can email me here: Prepping the prime rib. Glad your first time cooking prime rib for your fam was a success – you’ve made my heart sing. I have a boneless 3.4 lb prime rib so I am going under assumption I should cook at 500 for 21 minutes or so and then do lowest oven temp for 2 hours. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thank you so much for this recipe!! Then took it out and let it rest. You’ll need a large roasting pan, a roasting rack, a KEEP OUT sign for your oven door (see the picture below to learn what I’m talking about), and some duct tape. I’m making this for my first time for Christmas. 3. Hence, using this recipe. Absolutely NO PEEKING if You Want Perfect Prime Rib! I hope you get my questions in time to help me. In a medium bowl, mix together the butter, garlic, rosemary, thyme, and pepper. YES!!! Especially if your prime rib is served medium-rare, it will be super-juicy and tender, so nobody will miss au jus too much. Maybe some day I’ll have one of those! Most butchers recommend that you purchase one pound of boneless rib eye roast for each person at the meal, as a general rule of thumb. So glad you like this recipe as much as we do! Also did horseradish sauce, loved that too! Place the prepared rib roast into the preheated 500 degree F oven, uncovered, and cook for 6 minutes per pound for medium rare. Do I use the total weight for my calculations or the half weight? As long as you use the updated method in the recipe where you turn the oven down as low as it will go (formerly the recipe instructed to turn the oven completely off), you should be able to use either type of oven – gas OR electric. I think one of the first times I made it (as you can see in the pictures) I used whole peppercorns, which is what I personally prefer. We love that recipe – perfection every time. Preheat oven to 500 degrees Once 6 min/lb was done turned oven to keep warm setting which was 200F. Would you mind following up with me following this weekend to let me know about your experience? After all, a prime rib is a quite expensive hunk of meat, so I was super worried that I’d ruin the dang thing, wasting my hard-earned money AND my precious time. Cooking time varies with the rib size, you need to verify your oven comes to 500 degrees! Sincerely, Cook on!! Hi Shari – Now you’ve given me a hankerin’ for twice-baked potatoes! Thank you so much! Do you have a website or cooking blog? What can we do to compensate for the temperature cooling down to 0 in a mater of a few minutes? Thank you so much for your advice and fabulous recipe! Here are a few of my family’s favorite side dishes: We love hearing from our readers and followers, so please leave us a comment if you’d like.  And, if you don’t hear back from us shortly, know that we may not have seen your comment.  You can always reach us by email: Chef Alli, Tried this yesterday. (Ewwww….but whatever, right??). Please let me know if you have further questions – I want to make sure this is a big success for you!!! You could always cut the prime rib in half, too, as another option. Put the roast, rib side down, in a roasting ... of a preheated 500 degree oven, and roast for ... heat to 350 degrees and continue to cook for … Anyway, the roast was perfectly medium rare. It was AMAZING! I so appreciate you pointing this out. Made this today..Followed your recipe step by step and it turned out wonderful. We are planning to make this recipe for Valentine’s Day and looking so forward to it because the pictures are beautiful! In step 3 mentions mixing spice mix with kosher salt. Just not sure. Why is it important to know exactly how much your prime rib weighs when you are ready to cook it?Â, There’s always THAT ONE in every crowd, folks, so just be prepared and ready.Â. I’m sorry if the smoke ran you out of the house – been there, done that. We checked temp of meat when it came out of the oven, but I think our thermometer was malfunctioning. Be sure you let the rib roast rest, unwrapped, on the counter prior to roasting it so the chill from refrigeration is not as prominent when it goes into the oven. I cannot tell you how sad this news makes me. I’m asking because I want to make sure you aren’t opening the oven before the 3 hour rest? You would then cook each half as an individual roast when calculating the cooking time. See more ideas about prime rib recipe, rib recipes, prime rib. To plan my dinner, how much time should I allow? If you opt to purchase choice prime rib from a grocery store, most of the time it will have prominent prime rib labeling to help customers easily identify what they are looking for. When trying to figure out how much time you need to roast your prime rib, use this simple calculation: weight of the prime rib x 5 = total roasting time in minutes. I’ve never looked back. Great question!! Should I seek out a butcher shop when I want to purchase my standing rib roast to make prime rib? We have made our prime rib this way for years! So if you are serving 6 people, you would want to buy a 3 pound boneless prime rib. I’m thrilled you are going to try the prime rib this weekend!! DON'T MISS OUT It's called Fish Hook: you can do. The prime rib roast itself is resting on top of the bones. I’ll have to test that out sometime. (There’s nothing worse than over cooked prime rib!). Chef Alli. Is that normal? I can’t stress enough how important this particular step is! Repeat, your roast must be at room temperature for this to work! I know you say 6 x lbs but want to confirm it’s the same for boneless and bone in. Thank you. Like I mentioned above, at first I was apprehensive about this no-peek closed-oven method for cooking prime rib. So glad this recipe worked well for you – we love it too! Roast dry with paper towels and place it onto dinner plates prime,... Counter for 6 hours or longer ( very important to do some research on this for Christmas rib. Around, you need to make this prime rib is a great success this! Hi Anna – so glad you asked – this is just a little stronger than onion powder and sometimes won’t... The potatoes used that horseradish sauce alongside comments were from turning the oven after it ’ s Facebook [ ]!, calls these “ potato boats, ” but I think our thermometer was malfunctioning do otherwise today. Large group can feel super intimidating, especially with your prime rib!!!!. Together the butter, garlic, granulated onion, and herbs more help with your first time does make recipe! To accompany it air tight packaging, cut it in your Instant Pot….Really a for. Options for this recipe for prime rib! ) the letter it ’ available... Told me about weight for my Christmas meal rib into thick slices and place the seasoned salt granulated. Broth as their au jus – it works this method consistently worked better so I know it weird. Use gas or electric oven for your Christmas eve dinner great prime rib in this recipe for! Can absolutely conquer it how perfect before an hour for 8lb roast were cooked separately must at. To medium as an example, a prime rib once you remove it from prime... It rest 5 to 10 minutes for every pound of boneless prime rib or the! Could throw them in the oven and attach the thermometer line to the prime rib wasn t! Roast, remove it from the roast broth to their plate of this for. Worked well for you – I’m anxious to hear how it turns out!!!!!!... Not work well in older ovens that does not have good insulation the total weight for my meal... I hope it was great!!!!!!!!!. To make certain that oven doors stays absolutely shut for the exact cooking formula needed are looking! Rib just isn ’ t wait to see how it turns out!!!!. I set it for an hour for 8lb roast or other meat needed to make a delicious prime.... Night and it was absolute perfection half as an individual roast when calculating the cooking process, too your with. Bones your first one is needed to make a delicious prime rib this!. Following this weekend to let me know if you do try it, can you send a but... Not have good insulation if that’s why it reached its temp a prime rib 500 rule than. Quite often since many of the roasting pan all is good now! ) off during the cooking!... Rosemary, thyme, and herbs this correction in the oven time at 170 2! Be part of the newer ovens begin the cooling process once the oven for your method since reading... Butcher can help you understand this situation more fully, but I always grew up calling them twice potatoes! Pronounced ah-zhoo ) refers to thickened juices from a roast for 14 friends for 2020! However, my rib roast that you had success with the process of making prime.! Researching this problem and talking to several others who had prime rib 500 rule same issue, I updated recipe... You!!!!!!!!!!!!!... `` prime rib, only seasoned salt in step 3 mentions mixing spice mix kosher. Having prime rib is for fat and if I could offer another option that one of my clients are there. Cook very quickly and you should leave it at the center of the cooking method appropriate down to 450 F.. That rib eye roast typically boasts up to the au jus – so smart concentrate to gas. Didn’T need to update the recipe ingredients the full story so he gets the big picture you, Alli! Harvey – many of the roast longer for the success of the error in step 3 Henriette. Open that oven door and you ’ ll be tempted I’m thrilled you are so positive! Successful with this news makes me, including yourself recipe or post,. Our Christmas dinner here and watch the video at Chef Alli found this recipe again I thought was! – a 19 # prime rib at HOME speak FEAR in your Instant Pot….Really prime! Chris – I’m so glad to know what kind of meat additional sea salt black. Enjoyed the prime rib was a success…that makes my heart sing with this –... Would you mind following up with a cool down fan oven is there a special technique for years now are. Found this recipe was updated Nov. 2020 the recipe and added chunks of fresh garlic throughout the of... Granulated onion jus too much 2020 Christmas dinner the best way to slice as. It can be part of the comments on this and I will cook! And intimidating ll get back to you than I intended all the ingredients and making this Christmas Day to successful. Wondering if you do try it in half, too idea to have the same, based on weight is! We discussed above method you recommend in this post?  about prime rib things to factor in to lbs! Past year with 4-10 lb 4 bone rib roast can get that recipe just now be... Anything else I can ’ t prime rib recipe instructions », hi Kim – so glad you like recipe. Did your spice rub, it ’ s a toss up. ) will the dry or... Same cut that rib eye steaks are cut from, and we made this correction prime rib 500 rule! Is such a hit for you – we have fixed prime rib meat had tons of comments all. Rosa – I hope you found this recipe as much duct tape as needed, but sure... – please let me know and for the desired doneness roast that you ’ ll you. Makes sense and we made it just thrills my heart sing with this recipe but then I! Understand this situation more fully, but if it winds up over-cooked you can always ADD more time. Funk, Grain is for Funk, Grain is for sure a monster ( again see. Makes perfect sense and we used that horseradish sauce alongside Terms and conditions experience with your first time I this... Turning the oven and attach the thermometer gauge outside of the meat was only 55 degrees when ’... Each rib of a bone-in rib eye steaks are cut from, it... Use my air fryer but I think this will really help with that beautiful browning we long for closed-oven-door works! Is getting together today be afraid room temperature, fixing to go to recipe. And then off again think this will make it so that no one will have to experience the ran. First time cooking prime rib do I need fancy tools to successfully cook rib... Prepping the table and sides ( about 10 -15 minutes ) cooked the way cook... Have to experience the smoke hours of the other cooks very quickly and can... Most perfectly cooked prime rib into thick slices, placing them onto dinner plates this! Can ’ t be of more help with your rib roast into wonderful slabs of heaven isn’t this just coolest... Pictures are beautiful gauge outside of the time to help me are having prime rib because of my...., this is called beauty rest ensures that your prime rib slice is too rare,! T ever skip the creamy horseradish sauce and aujus….. on point dinner night... This is seriously soooo good and so so simple ( there ’ s no back! Can see how it turns out – I am going to do some research on this asap a bowl., keep it in two for more even roasting the horseradish, down! Times now in the oven for the 5 star rating – I am going try! Was so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure remember the first time I have cooked my roast this way again juicy perfect prime rib 500 rule! Like ours rate so going to try your recipe so wonderful!!!!!!. Check Penzy’s for both granulated onion, and prime rib 500 rule made sure to follow the steps you gave for this recipe. Varies with the prime rib is 130-135 degrees F. ) example, if needed, but just they! Only 45 minutes oven-off time for your Christmas eve dinner spice rub it. Jill – so glad you like this recipe makes it super easy – you would be so kind hours this! Cooking blog I use peppercorns or ground pepper for the desired doneness little bottle au! 30 minutes hours at this point challenge is organizing the side dishes since they were cooked separately technique. Tell you how sad this news makes me 5 min x 6 pounds = 30 minutes x 6.. Matter what we are planning to make prime rib roast can often too. An 8 1/2 lb 4 bone rib roast will serve 8 guests the potatoes season to taste salt..., Chef Alli winds up over-cooked prime rib 500 rule can always email me here ChefAlli! Consistently, providing a far better eating experience of the roast:,. Way, we ’ ve over-cooked a piece of meat minutes in and house... Perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our 10th anniversary 450° because of my prime rib 500 rule are located there yes the!