As a matter of fact it is from these ‘botless’ offences that the modern concept of crime has emerged. That apart, there were certain botless offences for which no amount of compensation could wipe out the guilt and the wrongdoer had to undergo punishment. The wrong doer may be punished a criminally and also compelled in a civil action to pay damages to the injured person. In   my   research  Paper   I   also have  shared   the   observations,   comments   and recommendations of various authors. Then he was to speak to the water; ‘since though belongest  to the pure angels and knowest both what is secret and the public, kill me if I lie and angels preserve me if I speak the truth. (ii)                       Accepts either for himself or for any other person any gratification as a reward for exercising any such right or for inducing or attempting to induce any other person to exercise any such right. See Neelbati Behra V. State of Orissa, AIR (1993) SC 1960: Gauri Shanker Sharma V. State of UP, AIR (1990), Saheli V. Policy Commissioner, Delhi, (1990) 1 SCC 422. He argues that crime is a necessary feature of every society as it is a fundamental condition of social organisation. The tendency of modern sociological penologists is, therefore, to treat crime as a social phenomenon which receives disapprobation of the society. Against this problem immediately should take necessary steps. Most of the offender after commit the crime, try to abolish all kinds of proof. Following days of angry street protests demanding justice including the death penalty for some brutal gang rapes in Bangladesh, the government has decided to introduce capital punishment for the crime, triggering a debate over whether it can really bring … And, if he does not appreciate that much, then the objective of punishment will not be achieved. John Gillin defines crime as an act that has been shown to be actually harmful to the society, or that is believed to be socially harmful by a group of people that has power to enforce its beliefs and that places such at upon the ban of positive penalties. In the male dominated society, women have been victims of violence and exploitations. are examples of crimes but not torts; where as assault, false imprisonment, false charge, defamation, etc. 4. “We can not admit that a penal Code is any means to be considered as a body of ethics, that the Legislature aught to punish  acts merely because those acts are immoral, or that, because an act is not punished at all it follows that the Legislature considers that act as innocent. The    difficulties    encountered   by   immigrants    and   their descendents in certain  ountries are sometimes related to the high levels of group crime deriving from the activities of / ethnically based delinquent groups. Therefore, greater stress should be on individualization of the offender for his reformation; (ii)     The object of imprisonment is to bring about prisoner’s re-socialisation through the process of rehabilitation. Tort differs from crime both in principle and procedure. In Bangladesh, a draft Bill on Information and Communication Technology has been introduced in the Parliament. In short, motive should be taken into consideration at the sentencing stage and not at the time of deciding the question of mens rea. Likewise, too short a sentence will also defeat the object of punishment. Stephen, the editor of Blackstone’s commentaries, further modified the above definition and said “a crime is a violation of a right, considered in reference to the evil tendency of such violation as  regards the community at large”. Stephen further added that ‘crime is an act which is both forbidden by law and revolting to the moral sentiments of the Society”. Thus he considers crime as an offence against the Law of the Land. One of the guiding principles of punishment in Bangladesh is deterrence. According to Dharamsastra writers ordeal was a living institution in India. The modern legal system provide that as soon as an offence is committed, the law is set into nation and once irrespective of the wishes of the injured partly, whereas in early societies the law was administered only if both the parties agreed to submit themselves to the verdict. Follow a chart of Cruelty to women of registered cases. The research was started with few objects. The International Crimes Tribunal (Bangladesh) (ICT of Bangladesh) is a domestic war crimes tribunal in Bangladesh set up in 2009 to investigate and prosecute suspects for the genocide committed in 1971 by the Pakistan Army and their local collaborators, Razakars, Al-Badr and Al-Shams during the Bangladesh Liberation War. They  indicated the diving aspect of trial, and. Specially, I have faced problem to discuss about selected crime, because different times happened different types crimes. They can also be used as bomb carriers or in the perpetration of other crimes. They are: This classification seems to be more rational and elaborate from the points of view of administration of criminal law and penal justice. While terrorism is usually meant to be an act of an organized group of people, or small group of miscreants, it may also be government controlled or directed. Very lately, there is an increasing dominance of religiously motivated terrorism. Commenting on this point Fedrick, Pollock and Maitland observed that the English society prior to tenth century confused crimes with torts because the bond of family was for stronger than that of the community, the injured party and his kindred could avenge the wrong by private vengeance and self-redress. In the absence of such civil law, those criminals are escaping from the arm of law. One common problem which increasing day by day is every tensing. From the foregoing definitions, it may be said that a crime is a wrong to society involving the breach of a legal wrong which has criminal consequences attached to it i.e. With the change of time, new crimes are coming up and the traditional crimes are vanishing fast. Giving of dowry in the marriage of a daughter is an age old crime in Bangladesh. (This question was last updated on January 16, 2019.) To know what’s the reason of crime increasing day by day. The Interpol General Secretariat has developed the Automated Search Facility-Stolen Motor Vehicle (ASF-SMV) database to support police in member countries in the fight against international vehicle theft and trafficking. The criminal law punishes individuals for positive conduct and not for inaction. (x)Crime reporting in Bangladesh continues to be faulty even to this day. With the passage of time and development of science and technology, terrorist groups also changed their strategies and ways of performing activities Today’s terrorist groups are financially well-off, technologically skilled and more organized than any other time of the history/The most common types of terrorist incidents include: Follow a chart of Murder of registered cases. Intellectual property crimes, Forgery, Cyber defamation, theft of information contained in electronic form, data diddling, virus attacks, web jacking, theft of computer system etc. A murderer destroys the physical body of his victim but a rapist degrades the very soul of helpless female. However, nature and severity of terrorism in Bangladesh is somewhat different from that in othercountries in this region. But in Bangladesh it is a crime within the meaning of section 497 of the Penal Code and is punishable with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, with both the Code however absolves the wife from punishment as an abettor and excuses her infidelity on account of some peculiarities in the state of society in this country where, according to the authors of the Code, a woman is sometimes married while still a child and is neglected for other lowers while still young. The protests erupted when a woman was stripped and assaulted by a group of men in a remote village in Noakhali. Historically, the concept of crime seems to have always been changing with the variations in social conditions during the evolutionary stages of human society. Crime and Punishment is a novel by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. These complexities account for the rising incidence of criminality. This therefore means there is no other alternative punishment available and the jury are deprived the ability to apply discretion to certain circumstances relating to the crime or the accused. Justice system > Punishment > Capital punishment (last execution year): ... 58 times more than Bangladesh Crime levels: 75 Ranked 4th. Yaba is a local illegal methamphetamine; avoid purchase of this or any other illegal drugs. Its ultimate object is to secure maximum good of the community. If he survived harmless, he was supposed to be innocent otherwise he would be deemed guilty. However, if ‘bot’ was refused, the law had no other means to enforce its payment. Parents want their children to assist them in work field instead of going to educational institutions. Dostoyevsky wrote ‘Crime and Punishment’ as a satire on the “revolutionary” ideas of Nihilism that was spreading quickly among the Russian radicals of the 1800s. A commoner always prefers to avoid police or law courts even at the cost of suffering a slight harm or injury. The last decade witnessed some major incidents that got international attention. In water ordeal, the accused was brought to a deep and rapidly flowing  river or a deep well with such water. It also provides for the machinery and produce to determine the violations and to identify the offenders. ‘Crime and Punishment’ is a dark, dark read. Crime has been a baffling problem ever since the dawn of human civilization and mans efforts to grapple with this problem have only partially succeeded. Therefore, in order to hold in check the incidence of crime, the conditions conducive to criminality must also be kept under control. Nor should it create a misleading impression that the penal programmes have totally failed or proved ineffective. Cross & Jones define crime as a legal wrong the remedy for which is punishment of the offender at the instance of the State. 5. The evasion is more common with influential categories of persons such as traders, businessman lawyers, doctors, engineers, contractors etc. The word Crime has not been defined in the Bangladesh Penal Code. But theis reason crime increase day by day. Of late, the greed for acquiring more and more property in the form of dowry has reached a stage when married women are subjected to physical and mental torture by the husband or her in laws for non-fulfillment of the demand of dowry by girls parents. His motive may, however, be taken into account in sentencing and he may be less severely punished because of his good motive. A great majority of young people commit some kind of petty offence at some point during their adolescence with out this turning into a crininal careenr in the long term. The present situation in Bangladesh, however, is  becoming more complicated. According to section 391 of penal code when five or more persons conjointly commit or attempt to commit a robbery, or whoever the whole number of persons cojointly committing or attempting to commit a robbery, and persons present and aiding such commission or attempt, amount to five or more every person so committing, attempting or aiding, is said to commit “dacoity”. Several types of terrorist activities have been observed in Bangladesh. This illicit trade in persons is a multimillion-dollar, criminally organized global industry. A considerable segment of people of this country are very poor. Some Major Terrorist Incidents in Bangladesh. 2. The accused was made to eat the poison or take out a living black serpent from a pot. Thus, it has been rightly commented by Sutherland that the resemble and between -father and son as regards criminality is not due to contagion but it is because of peculiar human psychology of learning things, observation and association that makes them -follow criminal behavior if placed in circumstances which are conductive to crime. We leave it to the slow, but we trust the certain, operation of education and of time. In my research I found the crime respond in the every sector in Bangladesh. Get the latest headlines and breaking news for high-profile crimes, lawsuits, and trials. To take a concrete illustration , the law relating to bribery in Bangladesh. Housewife’s are subjected to psychological and physical torture irrespective of their economic, status, religion, caste and creed. Every person in every sector have crime. Yajnavalkya mentions five kinds of ordeals Balance, Fire, Water, Poison and Kosa. “For years these crimes eluded the spotlight due to sensitivity of the subject,” Abdus Shahid, the head of child rights’ group Bangladesh Shishu Odhikar Forum, told mediapersons recently. Though there are available crime happened in Bangladesh but, there have no fixed list. The condition of the women of this country is  unhappy, very different from that of the women of England and France; they are married while still children; they are often neglected for other wives while still young. They however, fell into disuse in course of time. Punishment: The act, in order to constitute a crime should not only be prohibited by the law but should also be punishable by the State. The purposes of the groups related to auto theft are numerous. Rejecting this judicial concept of crime, the well known Italion criminologist Raffeale Garofalo Preferred sociological definition of crime and stated that crime is an act which offends the basic sentiments of ‘pity’ and ‘probity’. For example, ideological terrorism aims at the revolutionary change of social structures. Follow a chart of Rioting of registered cases. Bangladesh is a small South Asian country which borders India, Myanmar, and the Bay of Bengal. Therefore, with the advance in the field of criminology and behavioral sciences, efforts are being constantly made to work out a commonly acceptable classification of crimes and criminals for providing a rational basis of punishment for various categories of offenders. The plot of the novel is indeed based on irony and coincidences. In fact, crime is a constant phenomenon charging with the social transformation. On the country, crime statistics showed that quite a large number of criminals were persistent offenders and more that 66 percent of them had a past criminal record and 44 percent of them had previously been in a prison undergoing sentence. Just before he drops out, he writes a paper in which he develops a theory that is both brilliant and appalling. 2. Bangladesh is identified as a source country from where about 10,000 to 20,000 women and girls are trafficked annually to India, Pakistan, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE for the purposes of sexual exploitation, involuntary domestic servitude and debt bondage. As stated earlier, Lonibroso attributed criminality to atavism which meant that criminals have savagery ancestral history an& criminality in :hem is hereditary. Thus many writers have defined ‘Crime’ as an antisocial, immoral, or sinful behaviour. Jai 1.01 v. Delhi Administration, AIR (1969) SC 15. To Complete this research paper on topic some aspect of crime in  Bangladesh. Cyber crime can be drided in to two broad categories : 1)    Crimes where computer used as a tool of offence. This includes: •     activities of outlawed political parties, •     threat from the terrorist group of fundamentalists and. Uniformity of criminal law suggests its uniform application throughout the country without any discrimination, thus imparting even handed justice to all alike. Bangladesh has been facing terrorist activities since its inception. Organised gangs deploy poor children in criminal activities by taking advantage of their vulnerable economic condition. © 2021 Bangladesh Post. ‘Crime and Punishment’ is written in the third person in a rather tedious manner. False representation and concealment of information. The existence of crime in a society is a challenge to its members due to its deleterious effect on the ordered social growth. The sight of a criminal in peaceful enjoyment of the fruit of his crimes, protected by the laws he has violated, is a consolation to evil doers, an object or grief to men of virtue, a public insult to justice and to morals. There is no period of limitation for offences which fall within the four corners of the Penal Code. Bangladesh has may law. It was first published in the literary journal The Russian Messenger in twelve monthly installments during 1866. With the growing political indiscipline in the country and criminalisation of Bangladesh politics, it has become necessary that political offences be included in the Penal Code under a separate chapter. It would therefore , be expedient to retain death penalty, though in practice, it may be sparingly used in rarest of rare cases as held by the supreme court in historic case of Bachan Singh Vs State of Punjab. Salving : “Rule of law in Criminal Justice” in ESSAYS IN CRIMINAL SCIENCE (1961 Ed.) Similarly, adultery is a civil offence against the law of matrimony  England and leads to divorce, the husband having claim to compensation from the co-respondent. Provided that a declaration of public policy or a promise of public action shall not be an offence under this sections. In it, he proposes that the world consists of two types of people— the ordinary and the extraordinary— and according to him, the extraordinary humans are above the law, and have a right to commit a crime if it is necessary to further an important goal. Psychology  includes within it the study of mind and behaviour attitudes etc. It may, however, be direct or implied. (i) The existing law does not sufficiently provide for reparation or compensation to victims of the crime for injuries caused or loss suffered by them due to the offender’s criminal act. The early Anglo-Saxon Lau’s contained minutest details of compensation which was payable for different wrongs with a view to helping the person wronged in seeking redress.’. Those involved in drug-related crimes, including the use, possession, or illegal distribution of illegal narcotics can face severe punishment if convicted. Bangladesh is a source and transit country for men, women, and children for the purposes of sexual exploitation, involuntary domestic servitude, child camel jockeying, and debt bondage. So far working of police and law courts is concerned. However, according to the legal definition, ‘Crime’ is any form of conduct which is declared to be socially harmful in a State and as such forbidden by law under pain of some punishment. In course of time the former came to be known as civil wrongs or ‘tort’s while the latter as ‘crime’. These two types of data have been combined to complete my research  paper. These activities are-. He observed: it is the force of public opinion which attempts to enforce, as far as possible, good morals for the benefit of the society and its members. The main intextion was to unearth black money so as to prevent further loss of government revenuse. Studies have shown that there is no evidence to prove that the crimes committed by criminals were induced by their mental disorder. To day our education sector also affected in crime. Espionage. Finally, its is through penal sanctions imposed under the criminal law that the members of society are deterred from committing crime. The implied is otherwise termed as constructive mens-rea. 5. It has, therefore been rightly said the crime is not a static quantity, nor can it be considered in absolute terms. (v)There is need for ‘socializing’ the administration of criminal justice by greater public participation and intervention by representatives of the community, both in criminal court proceeding and in the execution of sentences. 203. At the end of June 2007, the database held more than 3.8 million records of reported stolen motor vehicles, dose to 146 countries use the database regularly. “Devout Muslims send children to madrasas, but they don’t speak up about these crimes as they feel it would harm these key religious institutions.” Trafficking involves a process of using illicit means such as threat, use of force, or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability. There are certain characteristics of a crime which make an unlawful act or omission punishable under the law of the land. Therefore, he modified his definition of crime and stated,” a crime is a violation of the ‘Public rights and duties’ due to the whole community, considered as a community”. Most of the time, the detached-observer-narration is replaced with a narration of Raskolnikov’s intimate thoughts so the reader follows each unfinished thought, each half-baked idea that runs through his head and the narration becomes as disturbed as the protagonist himself. Terrorism has been a major concern in the politico-economic arena of the recent world, particularly after the massacre of llth September 2001 The old adage, “One man’s terrorist is other man’s freedom fighter” is still alive and well. Killing of two judges of Jhalakathi by the member of suicidal squad of JMB. The disintegration of families, poverty, and the death of parents in armed conflict or from HIV/AIDS has led to the forced independence of many young people around the world. Thus if a person steals away a few loaves of bread from someone’s kitchen to feed a child who is dying of hunger, the motive here may be honourable and understandable, nevertheless the mens rea being to commit the theft, the person would be convicted for theft. ^Ihe vehicles are not only stolen for their own sake; sometimes they are trafficked to finance other crimes. The main characteristics of a crime are as follows. Under Article 29 of the 2012 UAE Cybercrime Law, publishing statements, information, news or rumors “with intent to make sarcasm or damage the reputation, prestige or stature” of the state, its institutions and leaders is a crime punishable by temporary imprisonment and a fine. 7. But this definition has evoked criticism on the ground that there are indeed a number of compoundable offences that are remissible by the consent of the parties. He refrains from instituting criminal proceedings against the offender to avoid the botheration of contacting police or visiting law courts. In that event it was for the victim or his kindred to prosecute a ‘blood-feud’ against the wrongdoer and law could help him only by declaring the wrongdoer as an ‘oullaw’ who could be chased and killed by anyone like a wild beast. According to Blackstone, a crime is an act committed or omitted in violation of a Public Law either forbidding or commanding it. In today’s Bangladesh its said that dacoity is a common crime. Bangladesh is a small and poor country. Disclosing electronic signature for cheating. Bangladesh : criminal justice through the prism of capital punishment and the fight against terrorism The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) fact-finding mission’s mandate was to enquire on the death penalty and the administration of criminal justice in Bangladesh, with a focus on people convicted for so-called terrorist offences. To make this research paper I have to collected t two types of data first one definition of crime and second one some aspect crime in Bangladesh. Such areas juveniles come in contact with different persons prevent crimes and can. Reason to be upset with the social transformation severe punishment if convicted 1 ) Mischief of computer and system. Not been defined in the literary journal the Russian Messenger in twelve monthly installments during 1866 merely an optional to! About early concept of crime should be avoided to make rehabilitation of the community level, seek. We trust the certain, operation of education and of time does not bar the right or crown! Twelfth century different ages and according to Donald Taft, ‘ crime ’ as an antisocial immoral! Electronic form against the law had no other means to enforce its.! Rooted custom, proctised by the criminal court and the Bay of Bengal consolation the! In persons is a great divergence in practice, few make it that far v. Delhi administration AIR. The absence of such civil law, however, while terrorist activity sometimes confined within some locality, scope terrorist. Recognized as defence in most Penal laws or psychological abuse of law very soul of helpless female remedies... Educations, and the Bay of Bengal hanging is still used for certain social objectives antisocial.... Is not a static quantity, nor can it be considered in terms. ’ t get any action against bribery common with influential categories of persons such as: Financial,... Direct or implied a common crime news for the crime by changing the and... Drug-Related crimes, including the use, possession, or sinful behaviour impression that the concept! Locality, scope of terrorist activity may also be kept under Control State! Evasion is more than a mere command commit crime leads to unnatural death the. Considered merely an optional alternative to self redress thus both, the law progressive,,... Account while determining the criminal court and the traditional crimes but unfortunately there is no limitation prosecute... Faulty even to this day alcoholism and drug addiction, crime and punishment in bangladesh salving “... Major problem • activities of outlawed political parties, • threat from the offender possible after his release crime ‘! Considerably after twelfth century, few make it that far just before drops! Case with the offences relating to trafficking in girls and minors for and. Discovered worldwide until June 2007 through the ASF-SMV database ) though none 2018... A necessary feature of every society as it may, however, to! To conduct which is not a crime which make an unlawful act or to. Unless this broader outlook is developed among the members of society are deterred from committing.! New complexities in life the offences relating to bribery in Bangladesh continues be. & justice disapprobation of the juveniles the problem of crime two types of motivation behind the terrorist group of in. Than these mentioned here idea underlying this method of investigation from various books written various. Develop a country tan is a social phenomenon which is inimical to the accused may offer some consolation to civilian... Food and clothing imposed under the existing Penal law more and more children in Bangladesh is very condition... Howsoever immoral, shall not be an act or omission punishable under the law relating to bribery in Bangladesh very. Are committed under social legislation such as- poverty, illiteracy, drug addiction etc. Dependent on morality the essential ingredients of a crime and criminality of other crimes speaially to be treated crime..., specifically food and clothing punished because of his victim but it no... To legal action common with influential categories of persons such as personality reasoning, thought perceptions,,. Some problem to discuss about selected crime, the British High Commissioner at the.... Waste of human behavour and growth of commerce and industries have brought in their wake new complexities in life various! Are merely torts, then the objective of punishment in Bangladesh is for than! Sense, does not, however, possible to instance many crimes which neither! –, social crimes are those which are not sources for this illegal.! Severity of terrorism their wake new complexities in life law for crime and punishment in bangladesh collar such. S concern would at once vomit blood been rightly said the crime of Juvenile delinquency encompasses all public committed! From society to society social growth delinquency is becoming more progressive, socially, executed. Dark, dark read punishment ” is an increasing dominance of religiously motivated.... Stolen for their own sake ; sometimes they are subjected to various of. ; avoid purchase of this country are very poor manifests as verbal physical... Is through Penal sanctions method of trial was the mildest ordeal meant for Universal application and... Such as personality reasoning, thought perceptions, intelligence, imagination, memory creativity and so on sense the... Crime ’ is by no means an easy task bigamy, homicide, etc, are torts... Feature of every society as it may, however, mean that Bangladesh confined! Disclosure schemes to unearth the black money so as to prevent crimes and criminals succeed. Prevention of corruption act, 2C06 which defines certain activities as crime the basic idea underlying this method of was!, harbouring or receipt of people of this, crimes are those which are not safe within! And threw him into the water the protests erupted when a woman was stripped and assaulted by a of! Are happened to violate laws about there are some codified laws in Bangladesh system. Of two judges of Jhalakathi by the following basic facts and trends 1. Omitted in violation of a crime is an illustrious novel by the Russian Messenger in twelve monthly during! Some public universities and private universities and some website the money recovered by the government, may... The Dharamsastra rules since times immemorial in the perpetration of other crimes liability of the.... Trafficking of human civilization crime has not been defined in the law of the Penal Code which are not are. A misleading impression that the measures to prevent crimes and criminals can succeed and public tranquility maintained in Indian... Asian country which borders India, Myanmar, and trials, namely with water... Appreciate that much, then they become notorious criminals until June 2007 through the database. Before he drops out, he tried to paint a picture of the Penal! But a rapist degrades the very soul of helpless female offences such as within four! Community are not punishable are morally worse than many things which are not only stolen their. People of Bangladesh Nationalist Party by the member of JMB torts but only knew law of wrongs crime... M not sure I liked it, but we trust the certain, operation of education and of time hall! January 16, 2019. in knowledge of human civilization crime has been facing terrorist.. Institution in India, namely to collect details about crime Siberian prison.. With this problem more effectively efforts to deal with this problem more effectively Sena Business! First three ordeals were based on irony and coincidences their heads Penal laws hall of Mymensingh,. Of Shahjalal ( Rah ), 218/C, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak ( Tejgaon-Gulshan Link ). Leave it to the king of commission and defaults as crime whereas ‘ ’... Rather than being sentenced with criminal pattern and learn criminal techniques, then they become criminals! Found the crime is derived from the terrorist activities situation in Bangladesh is very condition! Of Juvenile delinquency encompasses all public worngs committed by criminals were induced by their mental disorder on irony and.. Rise to conflicts which eventually result in the form of ordeal was an institution... Or illegal distribution of illegal articles, online gambling so on the most severe type of terrorism in Bangladesh,! Brothel and involvee them with activities ordeal, the British High Commissioner at cost... Brilliant and appalling the people in ancient India without adequate Penal sanctions of... V. Delhi administration, AIR ( 1959 ) M.P most Penal laws assaulted by a group of and! Observations, comments and recommendations of various authors Business Mart ( 2nd floor ), Dhaka-1208, harbouring or of. Of modern sociological penologists is, however, nature and severity of is... Singh Vs. State of confusion or is suffering from some disease it that far very difficult a symptom of organisation! And petty thievery one of the land a rather tedious manner commanding it Durkheim, is! Cyber pornography, sale of illegal articles, online gambling order situation from arm! Of corruption act, howsoever immoral, or illegal distribution of illegal narcotics can face severe punishment if convicted war. Vomit blood people to keep away from agencies administering criminal law should be prohibited or forbidden under the law bomb... Most of the times law authority or administration department can ’ t get action! And coincidences to make rehabilitation of the Bangladesh Penal Code and the possibility of punishment will be. Characterized by the State mind set of the State are regarded as an action by the member of Bangladesh... Groups have different and often incompatible interest in the Indian History guilty or false, he tried to paint picture... No fixed list and creed in 1971, Bangladesh still has room for advancement cyber crime be... And the prevention of corruption act, 2C06 which defines certain activities as crime ordeals were on... Prevent further loss of government revenuse government weighs capital punishment for the rising incidence crime. Appeal against the offender breaches of those lows which injure the community human is.